Pronto Support Added for Select Android Phones

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Peel this week launched a version of its Android Smart Remote app that includes support for the Pronto IR blaster, available for around $50 from Amazon.  The first version of the app supports Nexus 5 devices only but support for additional Android phones will roll out in coming weeks.   Many of the latest models of Android smartphones, ranging from the most popular  high-end models from HTC and Samsung,  to sub-$50 phones from Chinese and Indian manufacturers such as Celkon, include built-in IR blasters that when paired with the Peel Smart Remote app turn the phones into universal remote controls for 500,000+ devices in your home, ranging from TVs and set-top boxes to air conditioners and fans.  Now Peel offers the same universal remote and TV guide capabilities to owners of Android phones without built-in IR ports.   The phones connect to the Pronto via Bluetooth, and then the Pronto’s 360-degree IR blaster ‘s signal controls all the devices in your room.  For about a year, iPhone users have been able to purchase Pronto, which was developed  by Philips Home Control,  and download the free iOS app from Peel to turn their devices into universal smart remotes.


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Microsoft Cortana Leverages Peel for Smart Home Solution

cortana-logo-620Microsoft Cortana has partnered with Peel to leverage the company’s  home intelligence along with our 150M connected homes to make Proactive Assistant-enabled smart home a reality.   The Peel-Cortana collaboration was demoed this past week at the Microsoft Brand conference, and will be available for download to Windows Mobile phones soon.   Among other things, the Peel Smart Remote has integrated with some of Cortana’s features, including location awareness, to generate on-the-fly,  contextually aware  intelligent home control suggestions.


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Baidu and Peel Partner to Bring Voice-Activated Intelligence to Home Control

Peel hero voiceBaidu has partnered with Peel to integrate it’s Deep Speech technology  into Peel’s AI-based platform for home control to create next-generation voice-enabled smart home products, leveraging the more than 150 million Peel Smart Remote users in 200 countries.  Deep Speech is a state-of-the-art speech recognition system developed using “end-to-end deep learning” by Baidu Research’s Silicon Valley AI Lab (SVAIL). A beta version of Peel’s voice-based remote was demoed at the GPU Technology Conference in San Jose this week. The demo uses speech recognition to access live TV, DVR and streaming content seamlessly across devices. For example, using voice commands, a user can switch between “House of Cards” on Roku and “Game of Thrones” on cable TV, or ask to see a line-up of comedy shows or programs about the US presidential election. “Speech recognition is at an inflection point,” said Baidu’s Adam Coates, who leads the SVAIL team. “In the future, it will be as easy to talk to your devices as it is to talk to the person next to you. We are excited about the potential of the collaboration with Peel to bring that experience to users.”

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Best Mobile Ad Award Goes to Campaign on Peel

state farm emailOMD won the “Mobile Media” advertising category at the 2015 Mediapost Creative Awards for a 360-degree campaign on the Peel Smart Remote app targeting Hispanic viewers of the Latin American Billboard Awards. The campaign on behalf of State Farm took advantage of a full range of targeting capabilities along with Peel’s unique advertising products, including video, interstitial and a clickable “skin” on the remote control UI.  The campaign accounted for 64% of all agent follow-up requests; a 5% increase in purchase intent; and a 14% increase in aided awareness for State, according to OMD.

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Peel Launches Apple Watch App

Peel Smart Remote Watch App plus iPhonePeel  has launched its universal remote control app for Apple Watch, giving users the ability to control more than 400,000 models of home electronics, including all major brands of TVs, set-top boxes, DVD players, along with audio and streaming devices, with a tap on their wrist.

“Universal home control has emerged as one of the key use cases for the Apple Watch,” said Peel co-founder and chief product officer Bala Krishnan. “Consumers are looking for a consolidated intelligent home experience, controlled from a single smart remote app. And we plan to provide that.” The Peel Smart Remote app for the Apple Watch will control some devices via WiFi connections, but in most cases will require purchase of a $50 Pronto device, which has 360-degree infrared (IR) control capability, technology currently lacking from Apple’s products including the iPhone, iPads and Apple Watch. Among the features unique to Peel’s universal remote app for Apple Watch will be the ability to scroll through a visual program guide of recommended content and tap on the image of a show to tune-in. The app will also give users the ability to turn devices on and off, volume up/down, channel up/down, mute, etc.