Finding Something Good to Watch

watch what you love blogOne of the great features of the Peel Smart Remote is its ability to recommend you content that you are going to love based on your preferences and past viewing behavior.  With so many content choices to pick from, we know how hard it can be sometimes to find something good to watch.

Our home screen presents a variety of content ribbons personalized just for you.  Tap on any tile with a progress bar appearing below it–which indicates the show is on now–and a green “Watch On TV” overlay will appear. Tap on that and Peel will change the channel on your TV to that show.  If the show is airing later, a red overlay will appear prompting you to set a reminder to watch later.

The more you use the app, and the more you tap on the show tiles to tune-in, the more information we will have to base our recommendations on.  Filling out your preferences and customizing the channels available in your cable or dish package via “Settings” will also help. Happy viewing!